Recovery Community Services Program

Statewide Network Event


April 8, 2017

10 am – 4 pm


2711 Colonial Drive

Columbia, SC 29203

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Faces and Voices of Recovery South Carolina (FAVOR SC)

Favor SC is a charter member of the Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO) established as a 501(c)(3) public charity organization on April 21, 2006.



Our Vision


FAVOR SC’s vision is that we will embrace and celebrate recovery from substance use disorders (SUD) as a positive, healing force.


Our Mission

FAVOR SC’s mission is to promote long-term recovery from SUDs through education, advocacy, and recovery support services (RSS), resulting in healthier individuals, families, and communities.

Our Core Beliefs

FAVOR SC’s core beliefs include:

  • Addiction recovery is a reality in the lives of millions.
  • There are many paths to recovery.
  • Recovery flourishes in supportive communities.
  • Recovery is a voluntary process.
  • Recovering people are part of the solution.
  • Recovery gives back what addiction takes away.

FAVOR SC is currently working to:

  • Collaborate and partner development to advance culturally competent recovery principles to promote National CLAS Standards.
  • Identify and enhance the development of new leaders and network weavers within our RCO network to strengthen and expand our statewide network. FAVOR SC is committed to identifying and training emerging leaders to promote Recovery across South Carolina.
  • Unify our advocacy efforts statewide to speak with consistently clear messages and coordinated initiatives.
  • Develop Medicaid billable services on par (achieve parity) with the South Carolina Department of Mental Health (DMH) by refining our recovery support services, including supervision striving toward CAPRSS accreditation of each networked RCO.
  • Partner with state systems, corporate entities, and private sectors to achieve a statewide coverage area with long term sustainability.

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